The point has been reached where the malpractices and injustice in the auto-repair
and towing industries have reached unbearable levels, especially for smaller and
mostly black-owned repairers in the industry. Although some changes have been
effected by some industry stakeholders, progress has been slow and in many cases,
Key areas which present barriers to the transformation of the industry are the
“preferred services provider” system, and the existing “grading and standards”
system, as implemented by insurers. The manufacturer approvals system also
presents a major barrier.
We agree to establish an organization to address the above-mentioned issues in a
new developmentally focused system. To this end we will engage all stakeholders,
including government, labour, training organization, corporate, and other relevant
role players.
The organization will operate as a pressure group; an employers’ organization
serving the interests of its members and their employees. A special focus will be
training and enterprise development.