Filing a motor insurance claim

  1. Immediately inform the insurer about the incident (accident or theft)
  2. Register an FIR with the area police
  3. Policy number
  4. Engine and chassis number
  5. Contact details
  6. Details of the insured person
  7. Details of the accident/theft (date, time, place, etc.)
  8. Details of the motor vehicle (number, model, class, manufacture year, registration details, etc.)
  9. Approximate loss figure
  10. Description of the event (theft, accident, etc.)
  11. Details of the other vehicle involved, in case of an accident
  12. Declaration and contact details of witnesses
  13. Claim/reference number 

Documents required for filing a motor insurance claim

  1. Duly filled and signed claim form
  2. Tax receipt
  3. Copy of the insurance policy
  4. Copy the vehicle’s registration certificate (RC)
  5. License copy of the driver driving the vehicle at the time of the accident
  6. Copy of the FIR/Police Panchanama registered
  7. An estimate of the vehicle repair cost
  8. Repair bills and payment receipts (original)
  9. Vehicle inspection address details