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SAARSA has undertaken to create Equal and Fair distribution to all Motor Body Repairer (MBR) Nationally across all regions of South Africa.

This Strategy is based on two fundamental pillars;

1 – Transformation

2 – Fair Dispensation


Definition – Changing from its current state to an improved or alternate state.

”Effective transformation involves pursuing the organization’s fundamental purpose, within the context of its core values, in ways that effectively and optimally meet and reconcile the current needs of the target market and of key stakeholders.”

 Fair Dispensation

Definition – The act of equitable dispensing or dealing out; fair distribution.


To provide the previously/historically disadvantaged/excluded lower-income Panel beating, Auto/Motor repairer, and Body Shop’s the opportunity to enter, exist and grow in a market that has been dominated and reserved for the preferred and selected few.

SAARSA Objectives

To transform the existing Motor Vehicle Auto Body Repairing environment and provide a discrimination-free opportunity to all Motor Body Repairer (MBR) regardless of Race, Color, Creed, Religion, or political association.

SAARSA Strategy

SAARSA remains committed to ensuring the transformation of the Motor Vehicle Auto Body Repairing environment by partnerships and alliances with all major Insurance companies in South Africa. These partnerships would create an inclusive arena where all SAARSA affiliated Small Medium Enterprises (SME’s) are assisted, geared, and mentored to actively participate and be enabled to grow their business and capture their potential market share.


  • Driving transformation through innovation
  • Creating an Environment where fair Trade and Equitable dispensation is promoted and achieved.
  • Being the voice and guardian of the previously discriminated, disadvantaged, excluded minorities.

Meet Our Team

SAARSA`S  Body corporate Organization is lead by a group of dedicated individuals and regional representatives who compromise experienced professionals and current business owners from the motor and motor body repair industries.

Chris Daniels CEO
Ghalick EmjedisHead Of Financial Operations
Riaaz BeggRisk And Compliance

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