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South African Auto Repairer and Salvage Association

Read through these FAQs for all the information you need to make an informed decision about joining SAARSA.

  •  Why Join SAARSA

As an association, we promote, protect and encourage the interests of the motoring public by setting and maintaining proper standards of service and repair. We also assist consumers to settle disputes through mediation and arbitration.

  • Benefits of being a SAARSA Memeber

There are no certainties in life… but by joining to be repaired by an accredited SAARSA member, we guarantee:

  • Qualified technical staff who will care for your vehicle;
  • Regular inspection of members’ premises to ensure quality and high standards;
  • Setting of the Highest Ethical and Technical Standards in the Industry;
  • Dispute resolution through mediation and arbitration;
  • Comprehensive guarantee on repair work undertaken;
  • Products & services at market-related prices.


  • What Else Does SAARSA Do?

has an extensive new member vetting and on-boarding process. Through this process, we take both industry skills and subject matter expertise into consideration, as well as considering candidates’ values, attitude and commitment.

Our Members comply with a strict Code of Conduct in line with the Consumer Protection Act.

Our focus is to ensure a great customer service experience, maintain world-class service delivery standards and overall customer satisfaction.

Our Members are subject to an annual audit to guarantee compliance to our Safety Through Standards processes and philosophy.


Got More Questions?

We would love to hear from you and how we can help please get in touch with us and one of our dedicated customer relations personnel will get back to you.