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Repairer Membership Requirements

SAARSA members enjoy many unique benefits through our affiliation with insurance companies, which will not only benefit you but ultimately, your customers too. To become a member, simply contact our offices, where our team will put you in touch with a SAARSA representative (SR).

The representative will request certain essential information prior to making an appointment to visit you at your business premises. The membership conditions, benefits, and fees will be discussed with you either online or during a F2F appointment. You will be required to supply information and various pieces of documentation, so please have the following information available:

  • Company Details
  • Company Registration Number
  • VAT Number
  • Copies of trade qualifications (Spray Painter, Panel Beater, etc.)
  • Photos of your business premises

Once all the required documentation has been returned to the office together with your joining fee or one-off payment, your company will be registered and will receive a membership number. Once this process is complete, the SAARSA Representative will advise you which grading process you are required to undergo, which will depend on the current status of your business.

Download our mbr grading checklist

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