Repairer membership

Our repairer members are the core of our association’s purpose. Our members are contracted and networked repairers that just want to get on with repairing damaged motor vehicles. They rely on work providers as their core customer base and supply chain businesses for innovation and efficiency.

To our members, we offer direct communication lines to work providers and suppliers, and to these stakeholders, SAARSA will advocate the industry’s rational and progressive points of view in a balanced way.


Supply Support Membership

Supply chain businesses supply our members with: motor vehicle parts; paint; plant & machinery; business services; training, knowledge, information, skills, and all manner of important products and services that keep our members innovative and competitive.

To supply chain sponsors we offer efficient marketing channels where products and services can be presented and sold. Our industry members can quickly turn to each other for references and our supply chain members can develop a deeper understanding and richer relationships with those likely to use their products and services.

Corporate Memebership

Corporate Colleagues are organizations like insurance companies and fleet operators. They insure and operate fleets of motor vehicles that require repair from time to time. As a SAARSA Corporate Colleague, our association offers a unique channel for communication and a knowledge and experience base for consultation.

SAARSA repairer members adapt to change by adopting new technologies, practices, and commercial ideas. As such, our corporate colleagues can draw on a broad and progressive knowledge base in the design of new ideas with our association as an important communication channel in the collaboration process.


Membership with SAARSA means that you are progressive, you challenge the status quo and you embrace reform for the benefit of the industry and the economy it serves. As such, your organization needs to be connected in order to stay at the forefront of change, and our unique subscription base allows you to stay in touch on multiple levels with multiple stakeholders


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