South African Auto Repairer and Salvage Association

The South African Auto Repairer and Salvage Association (SAARSA) was established as an NPO in 2005 with the view of driving Transformation in the Motor Body Repair (MBR) industry.

The Association was formed by a few concerned Panel Beating Entrepreneurs in the Western Cape in an attempt to drive transformation and eradicate all the barriers that prevent the Previously Excluded and Disadvantaged small business to freely participate in the mainstream economy by supporting and developing small and medium enterprises in the Motor Body Repairer Industry (i.e. Panel Beating and Spray-painting and Towing Industry)

Goals And Objectives  About Saarsa Being “An Alternative Voice”

Historical Challenges 

A grading system that gave rise to a Preferred Insurance Service Provider System and ultimately a Motor Manufacturer Factory Approved System, which limited small and medium-size body shops that had been in existence for up to fifty years, to access procurement opportunities.

This system was designed to streamline the industry and ensure that the previously advantaged body shops remain advantaged. It also did not allow for new entrants and the transformation policy of our country to become a reality.

SAARSA’s continued struggle against unfair industry practices and exclusion parameters led to the formation of the MITF [Motor Industry Transformation Forum] by engaging the government in the form of the Department of Trade and Industry to facilitate the forum to find constructive and effective solutions to the problems facing the industry.

In addition SAARSA was also instrumental in the formation and implementation of the SAIA Industry Interim Measure to prevent further business casualties whilst changes and improvements were being made in the Insurance Industry.

SAARSA is currently representing in excess of 200 body shops nationally and growing daily. We are a non-racial organization, but understand that race too needs to be addressed to truly transform all industries. Our main aim is however to narrow the gap between Big and Small businesses by creating a free and fair business environment in which to trade.

If you own a panel beating business and want your voice to be heard, your business interest taken care of, SAARSA is the home for you. We currently have our head office in Cape Town and a regional office in Durban, Johannesburg, Bloemfontein and Port Elizabeth with full-time staff to offer assistance with your day-to-day needs. 

We offer a wide array of services aimed at helping your business.

Company Documents

We can help you the following documents with regards to Mibco.

Legal Advice

Free commercial legal advice from professionals who specialise in motor industry law associated with SAARSA.

Area Manager Support

Dedicated Area Manager offering problem-solving and technical support.

Saarsa Group Forum

A dedicated forum just for repairers. Share knowledge and experience with your peers.

Independent Conciliation Service.

Can’t resolve a customer issue in-house? Give them our details and we’ll take the strain.

Professional Training

Working closely with training providers to bring you affordable and important training solutions.

Health and Safety Advice

Free advice and support for your business from qualified health and safety representatives.

Vehicle Condition Reports

Protect your business with video evidence of pre and post-repair inspections. Date and time-stamped for reassurance.


Our Core Values

We will continually strive to improve the quality management system by improving the business processes and the way we do things. Time will be measured by internal audits and we need to receive green audits every time. We also need to score 90% for all our third-party audits

Our Members Say

Great and professional service from the association from the time we receive the car to the minute the payment is made.

Kozains Panel beaters

Being a member of Saarsa has helped my business grow as well as network in ways we never imagined for the business.

Clean Car Auto Panel Beaters

Our Trusted Insurance Partners

We cultivate long-term partnerships with our partners, so we understand their client needs and consistently create value. We provide a variety of services that are tailored to the specific needs of our partners and clients because we take the time to understand their needs.